Spring 2020 Newsletter

Table of Contents

From the Editors: Cities and Urban Politics by Eugene Finkel, Adria Lawrence, and Andrew Mertha

Eliciting Urban Public Benefits and Services: Evidence from community organizations for housing by Maureen M. Donaghy

The Urban Turn in Comparative Politics: Cities as the Anchor of Cross-Nation, Cross-Regime Comparison by Yue Zhang

Subsidizing Homeownership Builds Wealth, Changes Attitudes, and Generates Urban Civic Participation: Evidence from India by Tanu Kumar

Remaking Urban Government in China: District Restructuring as a Window onto Territorial Politics by Kyle A. Jaros

The Case for Studying Urban Environmental Politics in the Developing World by Veronica Herrera

Cities, Criminal Governance and Subnational Research in Comparative Politics by Eduardo Moncada

The Contentious Politics of Urbanization: Insights from Africa by Jeffrey W. Paller

Protest in Space, Among Social Groups and In Time: Towards an Historically Informed Agenda of Studying Urban Discontent in Autocracies by Tomila Lankina

Explaining Urban Protest in Illiberal Regimes: An Emphasis on Russia by Regina Smyth

Protest and Persuasion in Aspiring Global Cities by Eleonora Pasotti

Sharing Spaces: Segregation, Integration, and Intergroup Relations by Chagai M. Weiss

Sampling Methods for Informal Urban Populations by Hakeem Bishi and Shelby Grossman

Locally Embedded Political Behavior: “My Town Is My Steeple” by Jennifer Fitzgerald

COVID-19 And Health Systems Q&A with Ashley Fox

COVID-19 And the Lessons from Earlier Pandemics in Africa Q&A with Kim Yi Dionne

COVID-19 And the Media Q&A with Elizabeth Pertner

COVID-19 And the Military Q&A with Tanisha Fazal

COVID-19 And Europe Q&A with Julia Lynch

COVID-19 And the Politics of Expertise Q&A with Jeremy Shiffman

COVID-19 And Health Data Q&A with Kevin Croke

COVID-19 And the Middle East Q&A with Melani Cammett

COVID-19 And Group Relations Q&A with Prerna Singh