About the Section

The Organized Section in Comparative Politics is the largest organized section in the American Political Science Association (APSA) with over 1,300 members. The purpose of the Section is to promote the comparative, especially cross-national, study of politics and to integrate the work of comparativists, area studies specialists, and those interested in American politics. The Section organizes panels for the APSA’s annual meetings; awards annual prizes for best paperbest articlebest book, and best data set; and oversees and helps finance the publication of this newsletter. For more information, please visit the Section’s website.

About the Newsletter

The goal of Comparative Politics Newsletter is to engender a sense of community among comparative politics scholars around the world. To this end, the Newsletter publishes symposia on various substantive and methodological issues, highlights new data sets of broad appeal, and generally informs the community about field-specific developments. Recent symposia have looked at race and ethnic politics, women/gender in comparative politics, data access and research transparency, populism, the politics of space, and sensitive data. It is published twice a year – once during the Spring and once during the Fall.